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I’m SUPER HAPPY with my progress! For the first time I really do feel thinner and beautiful! 

All I can say is do NOT give up! It takes time; it takes SO much time. But it’s so worth it. I can wake up now and think, “yeah, I’m thin, I’m beautiful, and the world should fear me!” whereas before I would wake up and completely ignore my reflection or else I’d cry. 

I’ve lost a lot more weight recently as my college routine demands so much energy, I have intense dance lessons 3 hours each week and have to walk 4.5 miles each week also. 

I hope this has inspired some of you to carry on going if you dont see major results in 4 months or so, because change will happen, it just takes time! :) 


I’m not necessarily the most fit person or the most built…but I am WAY more comfortable and confident with the body that I have now than the body I had on the very left. Cutting soda out of my life truly made the difference between these pictures. My next goal (since I’ve lost 21 pounds) is to gain muscle. Not sure how or where to start.. But I am determined to treat my body well. Yoga has helped tremendously! So much happier mentally and physically.

Far left: 145 lbs

Right: 124 lbs

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